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Philadelphia Mayor

Mayor Michael A. Nutter was elected Philadelphia's 98th Mayor in November, 2007. He is seeking a second term this year after defeating a primary challenge by former state Sen. Milton Street.

For more on the Mayor's race, read:
"Mayor Nutter looks back at first four years"
"Brown says Nutter uses cops/firefighters to balance budget"
"For Brown, a winding road to Philadelphia mayoral race"
"Ackerman blames Nutter, union, and politics for her ouster"
"Nutter says Ackerman is wrong"
"Philadelphia mayor candidate Rahman says spend less on police, more on education"
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    Karen Brown (R)

    Retired teacher

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    Michael Nutter (D)


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    Wali Rahman (I)

    Community Organizer

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  1. Biographical Information
  2. What is the most important problem facing the city and what is your plan to deal with it?
  3. What has been Mayor Nutter's greatest success as mayor and his greatest failing?
  4. How would you make up the 54 percent shortfall in the city pension fund?